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Jason McClain, Ithaca

I had a very small penis and due to this penetration was not at all satisfactory for me and my wife. It affected our relation a lot. My wife wasn't happy and this made me loosing confidence in sex day by day. Once, in my office I heard one of my colleagues speaking about a natural supplement that made his penis bigger & firmer.


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H-Force Pills: For Extra Power to Enjoy Multiple Orgasms!

Sex plays a vital role in creating successful and loving relations. Creative attempts in sex life nurture more sexual desire in couples. Changing colors of sex intensity needs more energy for stronger & longer orgasms. Now with H-Force you can satisfy her in more impressive manner.

How H-Force gives you extra Force

H-Force works using a unique principle that vitalizes penile health and intensifies your libido. It is a 100% herbal diet supplement that contains a number of natural aphrodisiacs. The herbal ingredients in H - Force have been known since many years for their ability to increase sexual desire & performance. H-Force has been blended to perfection after years of study. H-Force quickly assimilates the vital nutritional ingredients into the bloodstream.

H-Force Ingredients:

Each H-Force tablet contains:





Pueraria tuberosa

40 mg

Asparagus racemosus

60 mg

Withania somnifera

120 mg

Mucuna pruriens

120 mg

Tribulus terrestris

120 mg



Shudha shilajit

20 mg

Dosage details:

For better result and quick results, take one to two capsules twice daily. Full effects manifest themselves only after a few weeks. Do not take more than 2 pills within 24hrs. If you miss a dose, you can take the pill as soon as you remember. However, if the time for your next dose is close, you can skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule. But do not double your recommended dose to catch up.


H-Force has no known side effects side effects, except for the fact that you will feel more sexual, have an increased sperm volume, and have harder erections.

H-Force Prices:

H-Force Bottle Quantity (60 Tablets)
1 Bottle of H-Force for only $59.95
3 Bottles of H-Force for only $149.95
 Save $29.90
6 Bottles of H-Force for only $249.95
Save $109.75
12 Bottles of H-Force for only $399.95
Save $319.45


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These are 100% natural herbal supplements.